There is this really old Polish movie called Seksmisja (Sex mission). It came out forty years ago and takes place in a post – apocalyptic world. From what I can remember there was some sort of virus or toxic air that forced people to live underground. Almost all of the survivors are women and they live in some sort of underground facility that protects them from the deadly virus. There are two men in the building, but the society is exclusively ran by women and they intend to keep it that way so they make sure all babies are made in a lab and are all female. Everyone wears the same uniform. There is no relationships, friendships and fun. Everyone knows the outside world is contaminated and dangerous. They’ve been told so by the leader. One day the guys decide to question the reality of it and venture outside. They find that the facility they have called home, is directly under a nice suburban house which belongs to the leader. She lives there, surrounded by art, paintings, wood and books while everyone in her “basement” knows only cold and unfriendly steel and glass. They also find out that the outside isn’t toxic. It’s full of life, houses, cars and people. Turns out they have been lied to and have been part of some kind of experiment.

1984 Polish movie “Seksmisja”

What follows might be bollox, so be warned.

We are now in the middle of a health crisis. The outside is dangerous and everyone is a suspect. Thousands of people are dying. The world is scared. Even though there have been fewer total deaths so far than by this time last year, people are scared. Even though as we speak, new information emerges suggesting that this Coronavirus might have come to the West long before it was first assumed, which would mean there have been more total cases of people who had it and recovered. They say the virus might have been around since November 2019 and we only started counting the cases in March 2020. If more months equals more cases, then this would make the mortality rate even smaller than what it already is. And it is tiny for a virus that causes all countries on the planet to shut down and take away our liberties. It is even possible that most of us have had it and thought it was a common cold or flu. We recovered, or we were asymptomatic like most healthy people are anyway. If it is true, then this virus is responsible for hardly any deaths in comparison to other diseases and yet here we are, on house arrest, waiting for a magic elixir that will let us go back to normal.

The elixir which is of course the vaccine. The World Health Organization has been responsible for a lot of misinformation about the virus, but they are telling us the vaccine will set us free. They were the ones, back in January or February who told us it couldn’t transmit between humans. And now that Sweden has successfully stood up to the threat and stayed open, they praise Sweden for their tactic while their biggest player who stands to gain the most from the vaccine, Bill Gates, is aggressively spreading the agenda, telling us we might not go back to normal until there is a vaccine, not a cure, a vaccine. If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would say WHO misinformed us on purpose to help the virus spread across the world quicker. A friendly billionaire then swoops in with his expertise and tells us exactly what we need but fear not, his men are already working on it day and night.

I should point out that I am not anti-vaccines. I never really gave it any thought. I understand how important they have been in making us immune to some diseases in the past but I definitely don’t think they should be mandatory. I understand that vaccination of the population builds herd immunity and can help those who can’t be vaccinated, like infants for example or people with weak immune system, like the elderly. It is also obvious that our immune system does that already. The virus transmits, small number of people die while the rest become immune to it.

The media has done a great job at spreading The World Health Organization’s message around the globe too. Bill Gates has had a chance to appear on TV in his pastel coloured sweaters quite a few times telling the government leaders and the populace exactly what’s in store for us. I am not a conspiracy theorist but when you watch his interviews, you can’t help but notice his awkward smirk when he talks about the vaccine, it’s possible side effects or that our lives may never be the same. The last one suggests he is quite enjoying this crisis and wants to see how it plays out because it clearly doesn’t affect him. It’s our lives that are at stake and he is enjoying being the spectator. That’s how detached he is from the real world. Most rich and famous are though.

We can sit here and try to figure out his intentions all day long. Is he really trying to save the world? Is he just trying to make lots of money? Is he trying to gain more power, build an empire? Who knows? I just find it strange that the media is not interviewing anyone who has alternative solutions or actively speaks out against the measures taken by our governments. Many experts have raised their concerns and the mainstream media are not interested. And they are experts from many fields of medicine and science and they are not given a platform to speak. Instead we get Mr. Gates, who despite being a well accomplished philanthropist, well read businessman, husband and a father, he is not a medical expert, not a virologist and not a scientist. His opinion on what’s right and what isn’t in this situation is worth as much as Elon Musk’s who is constantly ridiculed for his strong anti – lockdown stance. I’m just saying, they are two billionaires. One makes cars and wants to go to Mars and the other made fortune making computer software. That’s it. They hold opposing opinions but only one is highlighted. Maybe it’s because of the Gates’ foundation which goes around vaccinating the 3rd world countries, so this makes Bill Gates an authority even though his actions in those countries are questionable to say the least. Musk might of course be purely motivated by self interest because he wants to make and sell cars, so he needs his business to open. I might be wrong about either or both of them and their intentions but nevertheless, they can have their opinions but they should remain opinions and not government policies.

Social Media platforms have been working around the clock to stop the spread of “misinformation” about the coronavirus. They have been banning everything that goes against the WHO advice. Advice that let’s not forget has changed many times. Experts in many fields have been keeping Facebook, Twitter and Instagram quite busy over the last few weeks. They have been trying to reach out to us and tell us things are not what they seem.

Is this a hero or a villain?

After hours of interviews and listening to podcasts, it is clear to me that the World Health Organization and Gates Foundation are the business of health in a tube. They are not interested in teaching people about boosting our immune system to never catch a virus in the first place or recover quickly from one. Strong immune system doesn’t make them any money, does it?

The WHO, mainstream media and social media are not telling us what we need to know. I would argue they are telling us exactly the opposite of what we should do. They are telling us to stay at home, depriving us of vitamin D and exercise, which is good for general health as well as mental health. They are not telling us about the importance of good nutrition, vitamin C and Zink all of which can boost immune system for when any virus comes around. This information is hidden from us because of course this doesn’t create revenue.

This reminds me of the movie I mentioned at the beginning. We have been told not to go outside because it is dangerous. Many experts have since confirmed that a virus is less likely to spread outside and that vitamin D, which we can get plenty of from the Sun, boosts out immune system and the response to a virus. It doesn’t kill it but it is a factor when encountering one and battling it. Staying alert is not enough. We have been told to stay inside. Many people are really enjoying themselves right now. They have big gardens, they live with their parents and never had to worry about rent or food and they aren’t going to start now. The majority of people however, live in conditions close to those in the movie. Cold and unfriendly walls in compressed spaces and with no access to Sun or grass. These are the people who’s livelihoods, pride and purpose have been taken away and wellbeing neglected because of the international house arrest.

Let’s not forget about herd immunity. There is a channel on You Tube called UnHerd, which you can go and check out. They ever so eloquently explain this concept. Better than I ever could. In short, to defeat any virus, we must first let it spread by going about our lives.

This reminds me of a 1998 movie “Fallen”. A serial killer is being executed. His spirit leaves his body and lands on the nearest attendee of his execution and takes over their body. From then on, he can transmit from one person to another through touch and stalks the detective who had put him in prison – John Hobbes. The killer has one weakness. He can only travel a certain distance before he dies. He needs a host to live on. The killer starts to commit murders again using his hosts and when Hobbes realises what’s going on he has to find a way to stop the killer once and for all.  He travels to a cabin in a remote location knowing the killer will come for him. The detective lights a poisoned cigarette with intent to poison himself so when the killer takes control of his body, he will die before he can transmit to someone else. This in my view, is a good enough picture of what herd immunity is. First a great number of population gets the virus, some are just asymptomatic carriers and some get really ill, while a small number die because of weak immune system or underlying conditions. Those who live, become immune to it which then corners the virus and it has nowhere to go and dies. John Hobbes did exactly that, he defeated the evil spirit by making it impossible for it to infect anyone else. The woods around the cabin represents the herd immunity.

Another thing we are not talking about is the psychological effects of the lockdown and prolonged isolation. Why aren’t we hearing from psychologists and their expertise? Our social brain has, just like immune system, developed over millions of years to tackle the challenges our species face. From being a productive member of a tribe or community, which leads to protection, survival and having children to fighting various diseases. This doesn’t just turn off in a face of a crisis. If anything crisis highlights our tribal instincts and our brain rewards us for being social, for seeking respect, partnership and relationships, all of which increase chances of survival. Immune system also doesn’t just turn off now that we have had vaccines for about a hundred years. Guess what happens if we deprive our brain of human contact? It suffers. Loneliness is suffering. It’s not suffering that can be seen immediately. It’s the kind of suffering that makes everything else feel miserable. You get angry and sad over nothing and you don’t know why. You can’t link it to the lack of human contact and isolation. Human contact is like a nutrient to your body. If you don’t eat right, you might not be hungry, but you might be constantly tired. You don’t know why because after all, you are eating enough. The brain is the same. It won’t tell you what the problem is but will make everything else seem like an issue. I shall explore this further in one of my next articles on the harm of social distancing.

Social distancing – used for good or evil?

To summarize my thoughts on this subject, and they are just my thoughts and I suggest you make your own mind, I’d like to go back to that old Polish film I mentioned in the beginning. So, what if the outside world isn’t as dangerous as we are told? What if we do need Vitamin D now more than ever? What if what we are told is either wrong or a lie? Shouldn’t we consider all options before we completely change the way we live?

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